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For more than a decade, Janice Zajchowski has served as a global enterprise account executive for Oracle Corporation in Massachusetts. A proven sales executive, she has sold five multi-million enterprise license agreements for the company and surpassed her sales quota by over 170 percent during her tenure. This was accomplished in part by introducing Oracle Analytics to a Fortune 10 manufacturing company. Also, Janice Zajchowski provided a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company over $4 million of Oracle Analytics solutions. Ms. Zajchowski came to Oracle from the position of major account manager at Hyperion Solutions, a Boston-based business that was acquired by Oracle in 2007. During the three years she worked at Hyperion, Ms. Zajchowski exceeded her sales quota each fiscal year and was recognized as the top account manager for the company. Previously, Janice Zajchowski has served as a senior account executive for Primus and regional sales manager for Pacific Edge Software. At both companies, she established a track record for surpassing sales quotas and closing significant transactions. At Pacific Edge, she closed a transaction with a Fortune 100 retail organization, which was the most substantialagreement in company history.


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Janice Zajchowski